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Saturday, 14 August 2010 01:39


SA8000, an auditable standard for a third-party verification system, setting out the voluntary requirements to be met by employers in the workplace, including workers' rights, workplace conditions, and management systems. The normative elements of this standard are based on national law, international human rights norms and the conventions of the ILO. The SA8000 standard can be used along with the SA8000 Guidance Document to assess the compliance of a workplace with these standards. The intent of SA8000 is to provide a standard based on international human rights norms and national labour laws that will protect and empower all personnel within a company's scope of control and influence, who produce products or provide services for that company, including personnel employed by the company itself, as well as by its suppliers/subcontractors, sub-suppliers, and home workers.

SA8000 is verifiable through an evidenced-based process. Its requirements apply universally, regardless of a company's size, geographic location, or industry sector.

Complying with the requirements for social accountability of this standard will enable a company to:

a) Develop, maintain, and enforce policies and procedures in order to manage those issues which it can control or influence;

b) Credibly demonstrate to interested parties that existing company policies, procedures, and practices conform to the requirements of this standard.